Another Anarchist Targeted


Portland anarchist Kerry Cunneen, is refusing to cooperate with the grand jury investigating the May Day, 2012 activity ciarraipressphotoat  the federal courthouse, in Seattle. Kerry’s subpoena was delivered on December 14th.  Kerry has stated that under no circumstances will there be any cooperation with this grand jury, or any other effort intended to persecute people.  We extend our best wishes to Kerry Cunneen for a successful outcome and will post updates as further details emerge.  For more info, visit:  WordPress-Kerry Cunneen

Statement from Kerry:

“I have been subpoenaed to the grand jury in Seattle investigating Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. I was called to testify on January 3rd at 9am. I did not appear before the grand jury. I will not cooperate with this grand jury nor will I in any way aid the state in its efforts to imprison people.
“I stand firmly in solidarity with the actions taken against the Nakamura Federal court house during the May Day demonstration and all action taken against the state and capital towards the goal of a more liberated society.
I am in solidarity with the May Day 5, with Maddy, Matt and Kteeo, and everyone else who has met repression with resilience. To all whose solidarity has come in some form of action, it is inspiring and must continue.”

never surrender,
Kerry Cunneen

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