International Prisoners, Mexico, Central & South America

Mexico, Central & South America, Islands and Pacific Region


Braulio Gonzalez Arturo Duran
Social Reintegration Centre Leon, Guanajuato.
Leon-Cuerámaro Road Km 7.5
Cp 36700. Mexico

Braulio is a Latino vegan anarchist imprisoned in Mexico.  He was arrested in 2009 for sabotage and allegedly setting fire to a bank ATM.  Much of the evidence in the trial focused on Braulio being an anarchist, rather than anything substantive.  He was convicted by the Mexican mainstream media before ever setting foot in a courtroom.  Although paying a fine to get out was a possible option in this case, Braulio did not have the means and his partner flatly refused to pay any amount.  Either it was against his partner’s political principles, or he simply couldn’t come up with it.  The translation of exactly what occurred is a bit murky. Braulio is struggling with feeling isolated and lonesome.  He has been saying he feels like the walls are closing in on him and desperately would like to hear from people.  Many Mexican prisoners speak English and Braulio was a frequent internet user before his arrest. (Which also appears to have been used against him.)

Francisco Sántiz López

Francisco Sántiz López
Prison no. 5, San Cristóbal de Las Casas

FranciscoSántizLópez,  es un activista de los derechos indigenos que ha sido injustamente encarcelado desde 2011 y acusado falsamente de haber conducir un enfrentamiento, ocurrido en la comunidad Banavil del municipio de Tenejapa, Chiapas, en la que un miembro del partido PRI muerto. Es claro sus encarcelamiento es un fabricación y parte de la estrategia gubernamental de guerra de baja intensidad diseñada para destruir la resistencia de las comunidades zapatistas. “Su único delito”, dice la Junta, “está luchando por la comunidad, diciendo la verdad, luchando por la verdadera democracia, la libertad y la justicia”. Por esta razón también se le considera un preso político.

En palabras de la campaña, “el injusto encarcelamiento de Francisco no es un caso aislado, sino que forma parte de la guerra continua por el Estado mexicano en contra de las comunidades zapatistas, una guerra que a través de acoso, ataques y detenciones arbitrarias busca socavar y aniquilar la resistencia y el proceso de autonomía que las bases de apoyo zapatistas están llevando a un punto crítico en Chiapas “.

Por mas informacion:

Firma la DeclaracionMundial:         

Fransico Santiz López, is a Zapatista leader unjustly imprisoned in Mexico.  The Zapatistas are an indigenous rights and leftist revolutionary group who live in a remote, mountainous region of Mexico – Chiapas.  They are a self-governing, anarcho-communist community and have their own schools where children are taught traditional Mayan ways of living. The Mexican government keeps sending its military in to harrass the Zapatistas by tearing down their schools and homes and by destroying their food crops. The Zapatistas went public the day the NAFTA trade agreement went into effect. On that day, they issued their First Declaration and Revolutionary Laws to the people of Mexico, the government, which they consider out of touch with the will of the people. One of the laws it contained was the Women’s Revolutionary Law, which states women are equal, have the right to participate in the revolutionary struggle, the capacity to decide the number of children they have, and to be free from violence, from both relatives and strangers. The Zapatista’s paramilitary arm is called the EZLN: EjércitoZapatistade Liberación Naciona; it is nonviolent and defensive and thus far, has only been used to protect the community from military raids and corporate incursions into Chiapas.  Although Francisco has been involved in the struggle, he was not a fighter and was witnessed by many people selling vegetables at his stall on the day his offense was alleged to have occurred.



Leandro and Diego are two anarchists from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who were arrested in 2006, on the accusation of having participated in an action that targeted Argentinian television producer Marcello Tinelli. Leandro and Diego were sentenced to 10 and 11 years, respectively, and are currently still locked up.

Leandro Sebastien Morel

Note: Leandro was moved in early 2013 and we can’t find him now.  The mail that was returned, says “se mudo.” Moved.

If anybody knows where he is, please drop us a line at:

Leandro Sebastien Morel, Former address: Prision Regional del Norte U7   Avda Las Heras 1555, CP 3500 Resistencia (Chaco) Argentina

Diego Sebastien Petrissans

Diego Sebastien Petrissans,  CPF Devoto, Modulo 2, Pabellon 5, Bermudez 2651, Villa Devoto, C.P.1417    Buenos Aires, Argentina



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