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Check out our merch shop. We have all kinds of shirts and goodies available. We are also announcing the release of the first volume of the PDX ABC compilation tape featuring original tracks from Artic Flowers, Disemballerina, Snakes-Stoner Violence, Usnea, Vicious Pleasures, Wretched Punx, Mic Crenshaw, Ra’s Mix, Du Og Meg, Wamba Pdx and Consumer.  All proceeds go towards supporting your favorite local freedom fighters ongoing works.


Support the Swedish Animal Prisoners

The three activists below are imprisoned in Sweden for anti-fur farm actions. Ebba was sentenced to 2,5 years in prison for animal rights actions against fur (mink) farming, actions that went under the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) banner. These actions were property damage in which NO person was injured or harmed. Animal liberation is not a crime, please send your letters of support to show them solidarity.

Box 1005
718 92 FRÖVI

2.K. Häggroth 
Box 213
3.Richard Klinsmeister

Box 22113
501 14 Borås

Solidarity to the imprisoned comrades. Another way to support them is to purchase a shirt. Link:

There is a prisoner writing night on Tuesday December 2nd, from 7-9pm. Portland ABC will have info highlighting these and other imprisoned defenders of the earth and it’s animals @ 2249 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, *safe(r) space* Free, public, kid friendly & disability affirmative. All materials provided but please donate your extra mailing supplies if you can.

Fall 2014 Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night

Thursday October 16th
Center for Intercultural Organizing, N Killingsworth Street, Porland, OR

Event is free, open to the public, kid friendly & disability affirmative

Come on out and lets write to our comrades behind bars! Were working on creating a zine catalogue to send out to prisoners around the Northwest. This will allow prisoners to access a wide variety of subversive topics. Come on out to help out.

Co-sponsored by:  The Jericho Movement, Portland Books to Prisoners, Oregon Jericho, Civil Liberties Defense Center, Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (Portland Chapter), Portland Industrial Workers of the World


Strictly speaking, the parole commission should receive letters 30 days prior to a parole hearing, so the time to send letters for Tom is asap.  Really genera guidelines for parole support letters are here:

Political Prisoner Tom Manning is scheduled to see the US Parole Board in
November. In a recent letter he asks that people write letters supporting
his release on parole. He writes “so if folks can just write their own
letters expressing each ones ideas rather than all of them sounding like
they read a form letter – so that they put their own voice down on paper.”

Please write a letter to support Tom!

Your letter should reference:
Thomas Manning #10373-016

and be sent to:

U.S. Parole Commission
90 K Street, NE, Third Floor
Washington, D.C. 20530

Please make a copy and send it to:
Tom Manning 10373-016
FMC Butner
PO Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509

You can read more about Tom here:


You can get your own copy of Tom Manning’s amazing new
book “For Love and Liberty” here:

from South Brooklyn ABC


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Reformists suffer from a kind of pathology. They believe in the possibility of “fixing” existing systems like the government or the economy, by way of making new laws or mobilizing support to institute new policies about how those systems operate. I say they suffer from a kind of pathology becuz believing in the potential of “reform” is kind of like believing in unicorns and magical beans.

At the root, when we’re talking about reform, we’re talking about a strategy for ASKING those in authority to exercise their authority differently. Unlike revolutionaries or insurrectionists, who seek to topple those in authority or to disassemble authority all together, reformists want to WORK WITH authorities to get authorities to WORK WITH them.
But consider this: Every change to an existing system is a “reform.” Right? Before the change, whatever it is, it was doing one thing; now, after the change, it does something else. So, reforms are occurring constantly, and reforms have been occurring from the very beginning of swivelization when humans made the mistake of settling in one place and growing crops.

Six thousand years or more of constant reforms has gotten us to this hot mess of mayhem that reformists now seek to reform.

Reformists are the ones who have been digging for 6,000 years in an effort to get out of a hole, only to find it getting deeper, so they now commit themselves to digging twice as fast.
Right. Pathology. Doing something for 6,000 years, over and over, expecting a favorable result… as if more of the problem is the solution to the problem.

And the thing is, even the reformists know what they do is an exercise in futility. Just ask a reformist some time, “How long before the system is perfected? What’s your timeline?” And that’s a valid question, isn’t it? I mean, they ARE trying to fix the system… So how long before it’s fixed, before we no longer need to tinker with it? How long before it simply works?

A reformist will stare at you with blank eyes, like a cow watching a passing train. No answer. No answer becuz a reformist, deep down, doesn’t believe– any more than you or I do –that a system like a government or an economy can be fixed and left to run perfectly well. Even reformists, for all of their talk of fixing a system, cannot conceive of an endpoint when the system is fixed, when reformists stop reforming, when lawmakers stop lawmaking, when everything is finally in its proper place and functioning fine.

So just imagine for a moment if auto makers shared this reformist mindset in manufacturing. If auto makers thought like reformists, everywhere you drive, you would have a team of mechanics running alongside your vehicle, tinkering with it as you go. They would never stop modifying your vehicle the whole time you own it. They would NEVER get done fixing it.
But what’s WORSE for reformists, the machine they’re working on is 6,000 years old. They’re still running alongside it, trying to get it running properly. What do I know? I’m a captive at a super duper max, a former gas station attendant. But I have a question to throw out there: If you have a machine you haven’t been able to fix after 6,000 years, and if you don’t even have a reasonable timeline for predicting when the machine will be running smoothly all on its own, isn’t it time to stop trying to fix it… To recognize the machine sucks… And to just scrap it once and for all?

Reformists are the parents who stay up all night before Christmas morning, trying to follow the nonsensical instructions and piece together that stupid, complicated toy… Failing over and over… Frustrated… For 6,000 years.
Where’s the plastic toggle switch? And why do I have these screws left over? Oh, what the fuck?!
Yeah. Like that.

And even when reformists succeed, they fail. Consider the example of prison reformists who seek furloughs and better conditions, conjugal visits and community diversions. You realize, not so long ago, all those things were staples of the prison system– and were taken out. So that means earlier generations of reformists already succeeded and achieved those reforms… That were later taken away. And modern day reformists seek to reintroduce reforms they know were introduced before… And will be taken away again.

So… Reformists are people who struggle to get the solution they had yesterday… So they can get it back today… Even though it will be taken away tomorrow.

THAT’S the recipe for perpetual wheel spinning. The time for fixing the machine is past. Let’s liberate ourselves from the reformist pathology and disssemble this unfixable machine once and for all.
For Ihsan, this is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain from Ohio’s supermax facility. If you’re listening, you are the resistance…

About Sean Swain

Sean Swain is a hostage held by a lawless rogue-state calling itself “The State of Ohio.”1    He has been held without legal conviction or sentence since 1991 for the self-defense killing of a court official’s relative who broke into Sean’s home and threatened his life. In fall of 2012, prisoners calling themselves the Army of the 12 Monkeys (A12M) got rowdy at Mansfield Correctional, and the prison authorities assumed “that anarchist” Sean Swain must have been behind it and threw him in supermax isolation. Sean denies any involvement or affiliation with the A12M and is in the process of suing the ODRC for targetting him based exclusively on his ideology and political speech.

Sean is the only son of a retired auto worker and stay-home mom. He has renounced his high school diploma, his college degree, and his honorable discharge from the U.S. military. Before being taken hostage, Sean worked as a newspaper columnist and as a union organizer.

Sean is mounting his third run for Governor of Ohio in 2014. If elected, he promises to decommission the Ohio National Guard, empty Ohio’s prisons and turn them into squats, recognize Native American land rights as set forth by the Treaty of Greenville, arm the tribes with national guard weaponry, to include tanks and attack helicopters, refuse to sign any budget causing the government to shut down, and sign an Executive Order making it legal to assassinate him if he remains in office longer than 90 days.

Though innocent of any crime, and though he is held without legal conviction or sentence, Sean will only be liberated when the illegitimate power of the lawless rogue state holding him hostage is abolished once and for all.

The State started the war. Sean Swain intends to finish it.

Support the Finnieston 4

Thanks to my friend Larry Morton in Scotland for this news.


Today four members of the White Feather Club were arrested after undertaking a banner drop from Finnieston Crane to protest the glorification of war and militarisation that Armed Forces Day represents. You can show your support for the Finnieston 4 and resistance to militarism by emailing and adding you or your organisations name email to the following letter:

“We the undersigned proudly add our names in support of the four female anti-war activists arrested after almost 12 hours atop Glasgow’s iconic Finnieston Crane.

These activists audaciously occupied the Finnieston Crane and unfurled banners reading ‘Resist Militarism’ and ‘#WhiteFeather’ in dissent of the the glorification of war and increasingly US style culture of militarism by events like today’s Armed Forces Day and reclaim the white feather, once used as a symbol of cowardice, to celebrate those who bravely refuse to participate in war.

Armed Forces Day, in it’s 6th year, will bring to Stirling today a display of chauvinistic militarism normally associated with the fascist regimes of the 1930′s, Soviet era Russia or the brutal dictatorship in North Korea. Flyovers by military aircraft, simulated combat missions, tanks and other military vehicles and marching bands amid a flurry of flag-waving. All billed as a family day out.

All this comes in the lead up to the UK government funded celebrations of the start of WW1 with Glasgow chosen as host city of. £55,000,000 will be spent during a time of austerity to attempt to derive nationalistic pride and glory from one of the most senseless human catastrophes in history. The ‘War to end Wars’ was a lie then and 100 years later a new generation is being told that lie to indoctrinate them with militarism and with a heartless irony, sell them a myth to ensure support for current and future wars.

It’s time to speak out and these brave activists have done so in the proud tradition of Glaswegians Mary Barbour, John MacLean and the many, many war resistors and conscientious objectors from Glasgow and far beyond.

They now lie in police station prison cells and we send them our love, support and solidarity and our warmest thanks for daring to dissent, to speak and act for us all without fear.

We demand their welfare and well being be looked after and call for their immediate release from police custody, without harassment and without charge.”

Portland Freeskool

Registration is Now Open for the Saturday, July 12th Freeskool at George Middle School in St. Johns!

George Middle School, 10000 N Burr Ave. Portland, OR 97203

PDX Skillshare is a day of FREE classes, taught and organized by your neighbors. Register HereThis is a way to learn new skills, pick up a hobby, and meet other people , all in a fun and informal setting. Over 70 classes will be offered on every imaginable subject. Classes start on the hour from 1 pm to 6 pm and run for 50 minutes each. At 12:15, sign-up sheets for each class will be posted in the cafeteria and students can then sign up for the classes they wish to attend. Check it out. 

Here are a sample of the classes already confirmed for PDX Skillshare: PDX Skillshare: A free day of classes taught by your...

Intro to Genealogy
Body Weight Boot Camp
Co-op 101
Research the History of Your Home
Learn To Juggle
Screen Printing With Stencils
Fearless Knotting: Crochet for the Beginner
Tai Ji (Tai Chi)
Introduction to Aikido
How to mend your clothes
 Urban Garden Soil Safety: Lead Testing and More
Introduction to Compassionate Communication
Quit Your Job & Start A Business
Basic Bike Repairs
Seated Shiatsu Massage You Can Do Anywhere
Learn to Sing
Art of Clowning

If you have skills to share, sign up to teach a class:



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